Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Top Ways to Save Money on Your Mobile Phones

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Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days. When they first started emerging onto the market, we were all very reticent about making unnecessary phone calls that would cost infinitely more than a landline call. But nowadays, people ring, text and video call their friends and family without even thinking about the cost. It’s almost expected that mobile phone bills will take a significant chunk out of your bank balance. This realisation is causing more and more people to find ways to save money on their mobile phones.
Cut the Cost of Calls – Your monthly bills comprise mainly of the calls you have made to other mobiles or landlines. If you use your mobile phone for business or to contact family overseas, the costs can soon mount up. Look for companies that don’t tie you into contracts, just charge you for the time you talk and offer no hidden fees. That way you can benefit from cheap international calls from mobile phones whenever you want.

Cheaper on Dual SIM – Instead of paying for two handsets for business and pleasure or swapping between two sim contracts in one phone to try and make international calls cheaper; you could do it automatically with dual sim phones UK. Consequently, you can take advantage of different pricing plans for calls.

Cash for Mobiles – Turn in your old mobile phone handsets and receive cash that can be sued for newer models or to help cut your existing mobile cost. Look for a company that offers cash for mobiles - www.comparemobilephonerecycling.co.uk.

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